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Our Mission

Preserving and enhancing PIR as an accessible recreational facility for those who use it as both participants and spectators. FOPIR will exhibit stewardship in sustaining and expanding PIR's civic contribution as a public recreational area in North Portland. We will provide guidance and support for the management of PIR in a manner that assures its ongoing value to the community as a venue for all forms of recreation and entertainment.


The stewardship of PIR’s evolution is a responsibility to be assumed with care and consistency. The Friends of PIR need your help to share and reinforce that stewardship through community action and communication. Your tax deductible donations will go towards fulfilling our goals of furthering the enhancement of PIR.

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2021 Grand Prix of Portland

2021 Rose Cup Races


Our Story

Friends of PIR is a 501(c3) nonprofit committed to the preservation and enhancement of Portland International Raceway (PIR) as a resource for those who use it, both participants and spectators alike; sustaining and expanding PIR's civic contribution as an institution in North Portland; providing guidance and support for the ongoing management of PIR in a manner that assures its ongoing value as a venue for motorsports and other diverse forms of recreation and entertainment.

Portland International Raceway is a unique facility located in the city limits of Portland, OR. Through the stewardship and support of Friends of PIR it will continue to thrive as it offers a diverse array of activities for participants and spectators alike.



So much more...

Portland International Raceway plays host to a variety of events from high speed road racing to motocross, car cruise-ins to bicycle racing, swap meets to numerous foot relays and runs, this city park has something for everyone. For over half a century PIR has been the site of a diverse array of events for participants and spectators of all ages. Unique in that it receives zero tax dollars the park continues to provide entertainment to an approximate 400,000 visitors each year.

For schedule and event info visit: Portland International Raceway

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Portland International Raceway has a rich history. Constant change, economical growth and changes in Motorsport and sporting events means PIR is in a constant state of growth.

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Contact us with any questions you have or if you're interested in joining FOPIR.