Go racing with Spec Racer Ford

One of the most popular amateur racing series in America is the Sports Car Club of America’s Spec Racer Ford. With more than 900 cars built over more than 35 years, the Spec Racer Ford offers an affordable way to race a vehicle that was designed from a clean sheet of paper to be a racecar.

Even more important, every Spec Racer Ford is identical to all the others. All cars carry the same engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and tires. The 1.6-liter naturally aspirated Ford engines and six-speed sequential shift manual transmissions are sealed at the factory to maintain absolute parity.

Although the engines produce only 135 horsepower, the lightweight aerodynamic design is built for speed and handling. Spec Racers provide all the thrill of a much more powerful vehicle while running on ordinary regular unleaded fuel, just like a street car. The result has been magic, making the SRF the most popular racing class in SCCA history.

A Contest of Drivers

Spec Racer Ford offers some of the closest racing you can see this weekend. Look for the drivers to put their cars nose-to-tail to get advantage of an aerodynamic draft, and then pop out to make a pass under braking. That happens most often at Turn 11-12 at the east end of the track, and at the entrance to Turn 1 in the Festival Curves, but you will see close racing at every point around the track.

Another reason to find a good seat for Spec Racer Ford is the fact that great racing happens throughout the field, not just at the front. Because the cars are all equal, everyone has someone to race against.

Building the SRF Class

Because of the car’s excellent driving dynamics, good safety record, and general economy, Todd Harris of Pro Drive Racing School at PIR uses the Spec Racer Ford as the vehicle to teach racing to aspiring drivers. As the 2016 SCCA national champion in Spec Racer Ford, Harris knows a thing or two about driving these cars.

Harris has collected several of his best students and formed the Pro Drive Racing Team. This team is the backbone of Spec Racer Ford strength in the Pacific Northwest. Many of the top drivers in the nation got their training right here in Portland.

Put Yourself in Next Year’s Race

Great racing is not the only thing you should see in this year’s SRF race: you can also picture yourself as part of next year’s race.

“If you sign up for a Pro Drive racing school, we can get you into the exact same cars you’re watching on track this weekend, and you can be driving a Spec Racer Ford in a matter of weeks,” Harris says.

To recognize the cars on the Pro Drive Racing Team, look for the red and white Pro Drive stickers on the nose of the car. You’ll find team cars throughout the race group, many of them rented for the weekend, and most running at the front.

The Spec Racer Fords will race on Saturday at 1:00 PM and on Sunday at 12:10 pm.

Find out more about Spec Racer Ford racing at www.prodrive.net.