Thrilling Spec Miata Racing!

With their brightly colored paint jobs, Spec Miata race cars are often jokingly known as Skittles, named after the candy. But don’t be fooled by the size or the colors, because Spec Miata is always one of the closest and most exciting races on any schedule.

Spec Miatas are based on Mazda’s popular and affordable MX-5 Miata sports cars. The Spec Miata formula is simple – take an ordinary Miata and put some racing safety gear into it. Engines, transmissions, brakes, suspensions and exhausts are all built to a specification to help keep costs under control and to keep the racing as close as possible.

A racer’s class

Spec Miata is famous for tight battles and finishes that are just inches apart. The competition is all the more intense because no one has much more power than anyone else. The difference between cars is mostly in the driver’s ability to hustle around the track.

Because of the low cost of the cars and the incredible opportunity for competition, Spec Miata is one of the most popular classes in the Pacific Northwest. Both Cascade Sports Car Club and Oregon Region Sports Car Club of America offer races for Spec Miatas, and Northwest drivers perform very well at national competition events.

Qualifying for Spec Miata happens at 10:20 am Saturday. You can catch the intense wheel-to-wheel racing in Spec Miata at 3:30 PM on Saturday and again at 2:05PM on Sunday.