Multipurpose Covered Pergola

PIR track management has asked FOPIR to design, fund, and build what is currently referred to as the “FOPIR Pergola”. FOPIR is in the final stages of a $250,000 fundraising project to build this multipurpose covered gathering space in the south paddock of PIR. The goal, simply put, is to have a sheltered area that is capable of hosting events, classes, and other gatherings that require a modern, sustainably designed, multi-use covered area.

User groups renting the track can expect to use the covered gathering space for meetings, training, classes, parties, and more. Having the pergola next to the Fast Track Café will also allow for catered events. Looking beyond track rental usages, FOPIR sees Portland community youth as core to our long-term vision. A future goal is to host STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based summer camps that take advantage of the weather sheltered FOPIR pergola. In addition to STEM topics, camps will teach the history of the Vanport area, showcase the rich biodiversity surrounding the track, and other topics unique to the park. Preliminary discussions with the City of Portland, Portland State University, and the Vanport Mosaic have indicated an eagerness to partner on the creation and implementation of these camps when it is complete. Future FOPIR fundraising projects aspire to provide these camps at little to no cost to community youth.

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