The Friends of PIR plan the following activities in support of our mission:

◦ Preserving and enhancing PIR as a resource for those who use it as both participants and spectators

  • Acknowledge and support PIR’s responsibility to complement the aggregate value of the West Delta area as a world-class complex of sports, recreation, and exposition facilities
  • Preserve, enhance, and highlight the economic benefits that accrue to North Portland and the larger community through activities at PIR
  • Attract and serve diverse local, amateur, and club activities as well as international and professional events
  • Sustain PIR as a racing facility that provides the highest quality instruction and events for runners, bicyclists, motorcycles, and automobiles

◦ Sustaining and expanding PIR’s civic contribution as an institution in North Portland

  • Reinforce and highlight PIR’s economic contribution to nearby neighborhoods
  • Help prioritize and fund critical North Portland neighborhood improvements
  • Effectively participate in and support neighborhood programs and projects that solicit contributions by public and private organizations
  • Fund and oversee educational programs in area schools. For example, by contributing to science and technology curricula, providing work-study and internship opportunities in the automotive and racing industries
  • Nurture an economic relationship between events at PIR and the economic aspirations of businesses in nearby \ neighborhoods
  • Develop local employment programs for major events
  • Expand the number and utility of neighborhood-oriented events at PIR
  • Assist events such as Champ Car, ALMS, Portland Historics, Rose Cup, and the Columbia River Classic to create a meaningful connection between the national/international role of the facility and nearby neighborhoods

◦ Providing guidance and support for the ongoing management of PIR in a manner that assures its ongoing value as a venue for motorsports and other diverse forms of recreation and entertainment

  • Assist in the identification, promotion, and funding of necessary capital improvements
  • Assist in the promotion and management of major events that advance the reputation and contribution of PIR to the region and the markets it serves and attracts
  • Provide a resource for the management of PIR that rein forces its ability to expand the public value of a critical and beneficial community institution
  • Promote PIR as a venue for presentation and development of alternative energy and transportation developments such as biofuels and electric and human-powered vehicles


The stewardship of PIR’s evolution is a responsibility to be assumed with care and consistency. The Friends of PIR need your help to share and reinforce that stewardship through community action and communication. Your tax deductible donations will go towards fulfilling our goals of furthering the enhancement of PIR.

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